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To facilitate the implementation of the new taxonomy XBRL-CONTALOC and its subsequent use as a standardized format for the annual accounting of local entities and their autonomous bodies, this tool has been designed to enable XML files to be converted to XBRL-CONTALOC.

Conversor XML a XBRL-CONTALOC (zip)

This application has the following features:

  1. As input, it requires a file in XML format, a progression from the current standardised format for General Accounting. Before conversion, a technical format validation is conducted and an alert is issued if the file does not pass the validation.
  2. The input file may be any of three models (normal, simplified or basic), it is the convertor that determines the model and performs the correct transformation.
  3. The output file contains the same data as the entry file, but in XBRL-CONTALOC format. The conversion does not entail any functional validation on the contents of the file.
  4. The application is developed in java language, enabling it to be executed in any platform (Windows, Linux), providing the corresponding virtual machine (http://java.com) has been installed beforehand.
  5. The application has two interfaces:
    • Graphic interface: A form enables the input file to be selected and the conversion to be executed showing the process information on the screen.
    • Command line interface: Enables the application to be executed from a console or from other applications, using command line parameters.

Along with the convertor, sample files, XML format outlines used for input files and a text document explaining its functioning are distributed.

The last update published (v1.01), on 30/06/2010, includes optimizations for the conversion of large files in machines with 64-bit architecture.

This “Tools” section contains viewers to view files in a format similar to printed out reports.