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Normalized format XML file viewer

To view XML files in normalized format of the Accounts, a viewer has been developed to convert the file to HTML format so that it may be viewed by a web browser as it would appear on paper.

On 15/04/2020, an update was issued for the viewer to incorporate the changes in the memorandums of the normal and simplified models, valid from 2019 onwards, as determined by Order HAC/1364/2018, of 12 December.

  Visualizador ficheros "xml" formato normalizado (zip)

The application requires the prior installation a Java virtual machine (http://java.com),available for Windows or Linux platforms, and a web browser, Internet or Firefox.

For integration with other systems, it has a command line interface, enabling it to be executed from other applications..

In combination with the viewer, sample files are distributed as a demo, in addition to a text document explaining its functioning.