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Administración Presupuestaria

What is it and what is it for?

Financi@ is the IT system used to draw up the budgets for the estimative budget administrative subsector and for the corporate and foundational subsector forming part of the State Budget.

This budget consists of the financial statements, the investment projects annex and the reports on the multi-annual action programmes for state corporations, foundations, public corporations and other public authorities.

Its main functions are to:

  • To enable entities to prepare their investments and financial statements:
    • Operating and capital budgets.
    • Multi-annual action programmes.
    • Budget reports.
  • Check the consistency and correctness of the data provided:
    • Validating them during saving.
    • Providing the manager with comparisons and reports.
  • Trasmitir la información entre entidades, oficinas presupuestarias y la Dirección General de Presupuestos.
  • Provide the necessary reports to generate the books of the Multi-annual action programmes and Operating and capital budgets and the Investments annex.