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The Virtual office facilitates access to the catalogue of information systems and web services provided by the Budgetary Administration to public bodies, as well as a service where access can be requested to any of said catalogue’s services or systems and to the customised desktop of applications or databases with restricted access and subject to authorisation.

It also provides online download services for updated versions of computer programmes or applications of interest for the budgetary and financial management of management bodies and public entities; a list of standardised forms for the exchange of information with the Budgetary Administration’s computer systems, provided for external users; and utilities offered to management centres for drafting General State Budgets.

Through this channel, you can also access the collaborative environment available for management centres and entities that belong to the support system for the financial/budgetary management of public entities of an administrative nature with restrictive budgets, as well as other tools of interest for users of the Budgetary Administration portal.

Lastly, electronic documents generated and stored in the Budgetary Administration can be verified, as can information on the automated administrative work carried out in this field.

The following links may be used to query both the Information Systems that are accessible by users that are external to the budget Administration area, and the accepted certification service providers for systems that require of the use of electronic certificate or electronic signature as a form of identification and/or authentication: