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Who to turn to in the event of an incident

When a technical problem occurs during logon or use of the GAUDÍ program, the user should follow these steps:

  • If the incident is related to GAUDÍ access (unable to log into the Internet Budget Administration Portal, icon disappearing from the user's custom desktop or problems entering through the icon) or a problem limiting routine use of the application, the mechanism for reporting problems to the Incident Coordination Unit of the Budgetary IT services should be used, which is published on the Budget Administration Portal (in the "Incident Reporting" section of the user identification page displayed after clicking the "Access to the Information Systems" link on the Portal home page).
  • If the incident is functional (differences in interpreting regulations, lack of knowledge of how to use the application, suggestion for a functional improvement, etc.), it will be reported via email to the functional managers of the Directorate General of European Funds using the inboxes in the different applications, depending on which universe it is in, specifying the word “MANAGEMENT” in the subject line.
  • If it concerns an incident caused by the incorrect functioning of the application or different to what was expected the same route shall be used as in the above case, indicating the word "DEVELOPMENT" in the subject line. The problem will be channelled to Division II of European Funds and Budget Applications (División II de Aplicaciones de Presupuestos y Fondos Europeos), which is responsible for the design and construction of the application. To enhance the efficiency of the classification and resolution of incidents, emails reporting incidents relating to "MANAGEMENT" or "DEVELOPMENT" should also include the following information in the body of the message, together with any useful attachments:

User code
Organisation to which the user belongs
Contact telephone No.
Operating environment(«production» or «testing»)
Reason for query
Description of attached files, if applicable(such as screenshots of error messages displayed, including the sequence of operations needed to reproduce them)