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New: Environment Information Recovery and Resilience Mechanism - European Funds Questionnaire

Continuous Monitoring Information Environment

  • Request for information in accordance with article 145 of the General Budgetary Act, within the ‘Continuous Supervision’ actions provided for in article 85.3 of Law 40/2015 and as provided for in article 9 of Order HFP/371/2018 of 9 April.
  • Documento de ayuda
  • For any questions regarding the information to be supplied, you can contact: scsupervision@igae.hacienda.gob.es
  • Questions concerning user administration: cicep@igae.hacienda.gob.es
  • Questions concerning technical functioning of the application: Contapri@igae.hacienda.gob.es

Environments for monthly and quarterly information and annual economic information

Annual Accounts information environment

Information environment for the Consolidation of the GSA

Other information

  • Improvements originating from the CICEP.RED 2013-2014 Use Survey (February 2015): As a result of the 2013/2014 survey on the quality of the Budgetary Information Technology services (CICEP.RED) sent to the heads of Budgetary/financial management in public state Companies or Foundations, the improvements requested for different technical or functional reasons have been addressed.