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What is it and what is it for?

The GESFICH File Management information system makes it possible to electronically send and receive files of a large capacity and volume between known and previously registered users. Data traffic (normally in files that have been previously compressed by the information system itself) between users is carried out safely in SSL sessions, using email as a system to notify that a file has been received. The capacity and volume of the files means they would be impossible to send via regular means (email).

This information system has been implemented to avoid having to produce physical data supports (tapes, CDs, DVDs) on Passive Class State pensions or pensioners and their subsequent transportation and delivery to the end user (normally third parties responsible for data handling to prepare mass documentation) and replaces them with a system that sends them over the Internet, guaranteeing the receiver's identity at all times.

Security is guaranteed through the use of e-certificates as means of identification, as well as by the need for prior authorisation as a system user.

Access to this information system from the Internet is via the information systems' personalised desktop.