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Administración Presupuestaria

What is it and what is it for?


DocelWeb is an electronic signature platform using a web architecture that was designed to be a corporate tool at the service of all internal users of the Budgetary Administration, as well as those external users who require such a service in their relations with the General Government, and preferably with the Budgetary Administration.

This signature platform allows users to process requests for signatures generated by internal or external applications sent to the Budgetary Administration, as well as those generated by other users of the signature platform. Each signature request may comprise one or several documents, at least one of which must require a signature. In any event, it should be kept in mind that the electronic documents that are sent through DocelWeb are stored in a document management system owned by the General Comptroller of the State Administration, which is necessary for the preservation of these types of documents.

Manual de configuración y uso de la aplicación (pdf)