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Administración Presupuestaria


  • Navegador de Internet actualizado (Chrome, Firefox, Edge...).
  • And 1024x768 graphic resolution or superior and small fonts are recommended.
  • File viewer in PDF format.
  • Use of electronic certificates and digital signature (see next section).
  • Limited load of associated documentation (see next section).

Minimum mandatory requirements for the electronic signature by means of certificate

On the link provided, you will be informed on the minimum requirements necessary for using the electronic signature in this application.


Limited loading of associated documentation

The system stores all attached files of any kind (PDF, ...) in the corporate document manager.

There are limitations on the maximum size of each of these files:

  • The maximum size for files that can be uploaded at the same time is 50MB.
  • In order to avoid problems, make sure that the maximum size per file does not exceed 15-20MB.

Before depositing the attached files, therefore, check that the size does not exceed the above limit. For example, for PDF type files, it is a good idea to check that the quality of the PDF is sufficient (i.e. no missing pages, pages aren't creased or upside down, no illegible text, ...). For these purposes, the following parameters for the scanning documents are recommended:

  • Mode: Preferably "grayscale" (or "Black and White", if this is impossible).
  • Scanned side : Skip blank page.
  • Points per inch: 200 dpi (Dots Per Inch).

Following these recommendations PDF files of over 200 pages can be generated without difficulty, with images with acceptable resolution. If you have the Professional Adobe application, a very large PDF document can be saved in an optimised form, reducing its size to the same dimensions.