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Administración Presupuestaria

TELCON Specifications

The General State Comptroller (Intervención General de la Administración del Estado) has promoted an initiative, called TELCON (Tramitación Electrónica de documentos CONtables), geared towards permitting the submittal of accounting documents in file format between expenditure Managing centres and delegated Auditors or Comptrollers, with a view to making Administrative Procedures more expeditious. To this end it has drawn up a document of specifications to be complied with by accounting document files, which can be accessed from this section.

Likewise through this page can download  a bookshop Java of conversion of files in format TELCON (no batches) to PDF.

The TELCON files electronically signed in XAdES (ETSI TS 101 903) format must include in the signed DataObjectFormat property the MimeType element with “text/tcn” value. This is necessary so that viewers of this type of documents can correctly interpret the content of the signed original document.

VISDOC: “Application to view structured documents and verify the signature on electronic documents in XAdES (ETSI TS 101 903) format".