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Administración Presupuestaria


The JUBIL@ application is an IT application for the electronic processing of the "J" form, for the ex-officio initiation of the procedure for the granting of pensions to officials under the Passive Class System.

This application enables the retirement agencies to complete the data corresponding to the retiring official by way of the various screens provided, and which are required for processing the pension dossier -personal/occupational data, statements from the individual concerned/fiscal data-, and to attach document in electronic format. Once validated, these data must be digitally signed by the user of the retirement agency responsible for the signature.

When the data in the “J” record has been digitally signed, it is sent electronically to the Directorate General for Personnel Costs and Public Pensions, being entered to its IT system of granting of Passive Class pensions. An entry is automatically created in the Registry of the Directorate General, the initiation of the procedure is issued to the individual concerned, and the documentation required to process the pension is compiled.

All users of the JUBIL@ application need to have a digital certificate to access the Virtual Office of the Internet Portal of the Budgetary Office:

Information can be incorporated individually or through a massive data loading procedure that allows several files to be incorporated in a single process at the same time. The incorporation of information from other management applications is therefore easier provided that files that meet the scheme in the attached files are obtained: