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Administración Presupuestaria

Incident Management

Aplicación REMEDY

Incidents which make it difficult or impossible to access or use the information systems must be notified to the Incident Coordination Unit of Division IV of the Bureau of Budgetary Information, as the unit responsible for the centralised management of all incidents, in accordance with the following methods:

  1. REMEDY APPLICATION for external users. To notify the Incident Coordination Unit of an incident, you must connect to the REMEDY application for external users using the access icon shown in this section, which will be available on your personalised desktop. The first time you use the tool, you must register with it by entering your email address and a password. You will then need to enter the code that will be sent to your mailbox at the same time. Once in the application, you will need to click on the 'APPLICATION INCIDENT Available' button. On the screen that appears, click on the 'Request Now' button. A form will be displayed in which the compulsory fields to be filled in are those marked with the word compulsory in red. The 'Detailed description' field must contain an explanatory text with a description of the problem (action being taken, exact error message, page on which it appears, etc.) In the 'Applications' field, you must also select the Information System with which you are experiencing difficulties. In the 'Incident' field, you will also have to choose the type of incident in question.

    You can also attach a file (example: screenshot of error message) by clicking on the 'Attach file' button.

    Once the above information has been entered, you should click on the Send request button in order to register the incident in the REMEDY application.

    On the 'My Activity' button on the home screen. The application will show you a dashboard containing the requests that have been sent. When you select an incident, you will be able to monitor it, either by consulting the data sent by the support groups involved in its resolution, or by adding additional information by clicking on the 'Add comment' button.

    The application will also automatically send you email notifications informing you of the progress of the incident.

    SINOI APPLICATION. From 16 November 2020, the SINOI application remains open for the management and closure of incidents created before that date. All new incidents must be opened with the REMEDY application for external users.

  2. EMAIL. Users may contact this email address if it is not possible to report an incident through the REMEDY Application. Send an email stating the User code (8 positions), a blank space and then any descriptive text summarising your problem in the subject field: For example, 'Error in application XXXXX', 'Problems with certificate', 'Error in access to custom desktop', etc. In the body of the message you must specify: name and surname of the contact person, telephone number, ID card, location (Autonomous Community, Town Hall, etc.), form of connection (Administrative Intranet - also called SARA network - or Internet) and a detailed description of the problem (action being taken, exact message of the error, page on which it appears, etc.).

  3. TELEPHONER NUMBER. 91 583 14 33 (with four lines). Users may contact this email address if it is not possible to report an incident through the above methods.

NOTE: The opening hours of the Incident Coordination Unit are from 7:30 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. from Monday to Friday, provided that it is not a bank holiday.