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Administración Presupuestaria

What is it and what is it for?


The basic features of the application relate to the various authorities with responsibility for the management of funds:

Managing Authority:

  • Initial programming
  • Implementation (financial, and of indicators)
  • Requests for reimbursement
  • Annual meetings/Monitoring committees
  • Reprogramming.

Certification Authority:

  • Statements of expenditure and payment requests
  • Treasury receipts
  • Distributions
  • Proof of tax and Social Security payments
  • Proposed transfers to the Treasury and returns and refunds.

Audit Authority:

  • Management checks
  • Certification checks
  • Downloads

The main developments in program features are as follows:

  • Reinforcement of the processing of checks (auditing) without affecting the aspects of management and certification (payments) on which greater emphasis has been placed to date.
  • Implementation of a digital archiving system to include all unstructured documentary information.
  • Use of digital certificates and electronic signatures for the integrated management of files into the system, without the need for external processing.
  • Use of web services to facilitate the flow of information.
  • Incorporation of information processing features to give system users as much autonomy as possible, in addition to the development of specific query modules.

To take a closer look at one of the above aspects, the use of digital certificates and electronic signatures is anticipated in at least the following processes:

  • Logons of different users over the Internet.
  • Sending of information to the European Commission.
  • Certificates issued by the different authorities and Intermediate Organisations.
  • Drafting of transfer proposals to the Treasury.

For their part, the web services will be invoked for:

  • Sending information to the Commission.
  • Mass uploads of information to the system from external files during initial programming, project implementation and performance of checks.
  • Interaction with the Spanish Tax Agency and Social Security system.

Lastly, the information processing features will allow the following:

  • All financial statements generated by the system will be available in PDF and HTML format so that they can be processed with office automation tools.
  • There will be additional specific queries in HTML format: those that can be printed but were not designed for this purpose and do not require the traditional financial table layout.
  • External files will be uploaded through standardised data exchange files in XML format, while downloads may be requested in either HTML or TXT format – and in XML, where the recipient has the computer capabilities for this.