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Administración Presupuestaria

Who is it for?

The Fondos 2007 (objective 3) system was designed for the processing of nine European Territorial Cooperation Operational Programmes (POCTs). The Directorate General of Community Funds, besides having functional responsibility for the system, may carry out different actions for each POCT.

  • In the Spain-Portugal programme (POCTEP), the DGFC is the Managing Authority (MA).
  • In the Madeira-Azores-Canary Islands programme (POMAC), the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands is the MA, but the DGFC offers the possibility of using Fondos 2007 for performance of its duties.
  • In the Spain-France-Andorra programme and the Southwest European Space, the DGFC is the Certification Authority (CA).
  • In the External Borders programme (formerly Spain-Morocco), the DGFC is both MA and CA.
  • In the four remaining POCTs, the DGFC is the National Correspondent (NC) for their Spanish partners.

In addition to the various units of the DGFC, this system involves all agencies that take part in the management of the various POCTs. They include:

  • The lead DGs, partners and intermediate bodies of the operations of the POCTs in which the DGFC serves as MA.
  • The Joint Technical Secretariats of the various POCTs.
  • Private companies and public bodies authorised to perform audits on expenditure validations.
  • Other government authorities (Autonomous Communities, regional government departments, town councils, local authorities, etc.).
  • Government Comptroller's Office (National Audit Office) and regional audit offices, participating as Audit Authorities.
  • The European Commission.